Q:Any possibility to request for samples for reference and testing if we want to go with further evaluation on your product? Free of charge or have to pay for them?

A:We feel excited that our product can satisfy your requirement, we can support free samples as long as sample volume are not large, such as 5g, 10g, depending on real situation. Generally speaking, sample service can be provided for our customers who have interests on our products and are willing to have a try.

Q:We usually get some custom synthetic compounds requests for specific project, for cost and availability evaluation. Will you be able to support for this request?

A:Yes, R&D, CRO, CMO,CDMO service are all available. We are very flexible to support R&D, to grow up together with our clients.

Q:We concern quality very much, how can you guarantee your quality if we place orders?

A:Firstly we can show you COA for previous batches of each CAS to understand our product quality level as well as our standard testing items. We can exchange idea to form up the final standard for testing formal orders including the items we’ll test and how we will test. We’ll process testing exactly as the standard we confirmed to see if our product can achieve then share files with clients, helping to explain to customers if they do have other other questions. We’ll not ship out products until get approved for releasing from our customers.

Q: We are trading company, and we would like to avoid manufacturer name on the packaging. And if you can put our name and logo on the packaging, that would be preferred.

A: We can understand your concern. As long as customer request us not to show manufacturer name on the packaging, or even put their name and logo instead, we can support that. ODM, OEM service are available for trading company who want to avoid our name. This will work great for us. We can even customized packaging materials with your logo and name printed on if can meet certain quantity.

Q: Any chance we could just pay a part of payment as deposit to start this order, but pay the remaining payment after we review the files regarding quality if testing result can satisfy me then we will take them?

A: Yes we can support this payment terms. The rest payment can be paid after we submit files showing the quality level we can achieve thru this batch of shipment and get approved by our customers.