2061897-68-3 Boc-L-His(trt)-Aib-OH

2061897-68-3 Boc-L-His(trt)-Aib-OH

Short Description:

Appearance White to off-white powder
MF C34H38N4O5
MW 582.7
Purity 98+

Product Detail

Transportation condition
Could be in normal temperature

Recommend shipping method
By air     By land      By sea

Storage condition:
Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,Room temperature

shelf life
About 2 years

Minimum Order Qty:
1kg (negotiation)

Certification: COA, melting point, SpecificRotation [α]D20                      

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D-Lys(tfa)-NCA (2)






inner Packing

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Inner packing 2
Inner packing 1
Inner packing 3

outer packing

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Outer packing 3
Outer packing 2
Outer packing 1


2061897-68-3   Boc-L-His(trt)-Aib-OH finds extensive application as a crucial chemical compound. Primarily, it serves as a medicinal intermediate, playing a pivotal role in the preparation of long-acting polypeptide drug raw materials. 2061897-68-3   Boc-L-His(trt)-Aib-OH is one of semaglutide  Intermediates. This compound holds significant importance in drug design and development, enabling the precise control of synthesis processes to yield polypeptide fragments with specific sequences and functionalities, thereby enhancing and optimizing drug efficacy.

Furthermore, 2061897-68-3   Boc-L-His(trt)-Aib-OH may also find application in scientific research and as a chemical reagent. Its unique chemical structure and properties make it a potential key reagent in certain experiments and studies, aiding researchers in gaining deeper insights into the complex biochemical processes and mechanisms within organisms.

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