2224-52-4 L-Ala-NCA

2224-52-4 L-Ala-NCA

Short Description:

Appearance White to off-white powder
MW 115.09
Purity 98+

Product Detail

Transportation condition
It could be transported in normal temperature.

Recommend shipping method
by air,by land or by sea

Storage condition:
2-8°C, it has to be kept in a sealed, cold and sunless condition.

shelf life
about 2 years

Minimum Order Qty:
1kg (negotiation)

Certification: COA, melt point, SpecificRotation [α]D20  We will send any data you want. But for customized products, we send the newest data after they come out.
Certainly, you can see the data before as reference.

D-Lys(tfa)-NCA (2)










inner Packing

They are often used for packing powder. It depends on customers` requirement. Therefore, tell us your demanding before packing if you have special requests.

Inner packing 2
Inner packing 1
Inner packing 3

outer packing

1kg to 25kg The outer packing is hard. And it is difficult to cut and damage. It can protect your products perfectly.

Outer packing 3
Outer packing 2
Outer packing 1


At present, amino acid derivatives have been widely used as anti-tumor drugs. The application forms are: (1) as the carrier of anti-tumor drugs to increase the solubility of drugs, such as: phenylalanine mustard qi, L-cypamine, L-L-L-L-- Corticine, L-lysine, and phenylramine nitrogen mustard are binding; (2) the structural analogy of amino acids required for tumor cells to inhibit cell proliferation, such as: S-ammonia-L-cysteine ammonia Acid; (3) As an enzyme inhibitor, the synthesis path of interrupt pyrimidine nucleic acid, such as: N-phosphate acetyl -l-Tianmen citrium is a transitional inhibitor of a gatemic acid rotorphenols; (4) As an amino acid derivatives that make cancer cells reverse, they improve their targetedness to tumor cells. As an endogenous substance of life, it can introduce it to drug molecules, which can promote the absorption of drugs by cells, reduce the toxicity of the drug, and open up ways to seek efficient and low -toxic antitumor drugs.

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