42267-27-6 L-Lys(tfa)-NCA

42267-27-6 L-Lys(tfa)-NCA

Short Description:

Appearance White to Off-White crystals or crystalline powder
MF C9H11F3N2O4
MW 268.19
Purity 98+

Product Detail

Transportation condition&recommended shipping method:
By air, by sea or by express

Storage condition:
Inert atmosphere,Store in freezer, under -20°C

Minimum Order Qty:

COA, HPLC, GC, HNMR, Assay, Water Content(K.F), TLC available

D-Lys(tfa)-NCA (2)


e-Trifluoroacetyl-Lysine, NCA;
N-Trifluoroacetyl-L-lysine N-carboxyanhydride;
N6-Trifluoroacetyl-L-lysine N-Carboxyanhydride;

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Peptide and Protein Synthesis: 42267-27-6 L-Lys(tfa)-NCA , as a highly reactive amino acid derivative, is utilized in the synthesis of peptides and proteins. The reaction between NCA and amine compounds efficiently forms peptide bonds, enabling the construction of peptide chains with specific sequences and functions. This method has extensive applications in bioactive peptides, medicinal peptides, and protein engineering.

Drug Development: 42267-27-6 L-Lys(tfa)-NCA can be used to synthesize drug molecules containing lysine residues. Lysine, an alkaline amino acid, possesses specific biological activities. Introducing lysine into drug molecules can alter their pharmacological properties. The synthesis of lysine-containing drugs through the NCA method simplifies the synthesis steps, improves product purity, and provides powerful support for drug development.

Materials Science: Lysine and its derivatives also have potential applications in materials science. For instance, polymers containing lysine synthesized through the NCA method can be used to prepare biocompatible materials, functional coatings, and smart materials. These materials have broad application prospects in biomedicine, tissue engineering, and smart sensors.

Biochemical Research: 42267-27-6 L-Lys(tfa)-NCA can also be employed in biochemical research, such as studying the interactions between proteins and peptides, as well as enzymatic reaction mechanisms. By synthesizing peptides or proteins containing specific lysine residues, researchers can investigate their functions and mechanisms within biological systems, providing powerful tools for understanding life processes.

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